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What is Think sea. Think blue.?


Think sea. Think blue. is a platform with an educational and promotional character, with a special highlight on sustainability and circular economy. It tends to evoke the love for the sea and nautical industry in the younger generations. Moreover, through education and consultancy service it tends to implement circular economy practices in the existing companies in the marine sector. That way, exciting starting employment positions are made for the youth. The platform operates via this website, live events, education and consulting services. The platform operationalized an initiative which identified the lack of unused opportunities in the nautical industry. Moreover, it identified the lack of perceiving Croatia and the Adriatic Sea as places for a successful future and growth. 


Does the platform have a physical location?


The company Think sea. Ltd is located in Pula, Croatia. The company is a spin off from an already established company in the nautical industry. 

What is the website's purpose?


The website has an educational character and tends to bring together younger generations, millennials and GenZ. 

Do you have any social media?

Of course! We have Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


On which areas does the platform operate?

In the first development phase the platform operates in Croatia, but internationalization is the ultimate goal.

What can we contact you about?

You can contact us if you want and need more information on the platform, if you are a young person looking for an opportunity in the nautical industry or if you are a company which wants to be a partner on the project or in need of seminar/  consultancy services on the areas in which the platform operates.

In what form do you provide seminars?

Seminars can be in person or via Zoom/ MS Teams, one or two day duration, depending on the requirements and topics agreed upon with the company.

What kind of consulting services do you provide?

We provide tailored agreements which take into account the existing core business of the company, but also provide an overview and implementation of circular economy concepts.


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