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Welcome Nina Sečak, all things media and business development related within Makai Yachts, a new power catamaran brand. If you visit Palma International Boat Show you had the opportunity of meeting her. If not, scroll below for more!

Nina Sečak from Makai yachts

  1. Hi Nina, let us know more about your educational background and current position!

I completed my undergraduate studies in International Business Administration (IBA) at the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, followed by a Master of Science degree in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the same university. During my academic journey, I worked as a research assistant for the marketing department, delving into various marketing strategies and consumer behaviour that sparked my passion for the field. Combining my academic background with my passion for marketing, I joined a dynamic boating start-up, where I tackle real-world marketing challenges in an entrepreneurial environment.

  1. What sparked interest for boating industry?

My initial interest in the boating industry comes from growing up around boats and sailing in the beautiful Adriatic Sea, but initially, it was more of a passion than a career trajectory. My father also worked in this industry when I was young, and I always admired seeing him work in this field. When I saw an opportunity to work in the boating industry in a position that aligned with my expertise and passion, I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me to delve into the industry.

  1. What is the main enabler of your current business?

I believe that trust is key to our business’s current growth. I believe we prioritise integrity in all we do. We focus on creating long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders through open communication, mutual support and honesty. Ultimately, it is the trust that we believe will continue to sustain our growth and success.

  1. Advice on how to identify a suitable boating niche to engage in?

I strongly believe that the ideal boating niche varies for each individual, considering our unique passions and skillsets. It is crucial to align your choices with your long-term objectives to determine the most suitable boating niche to pursue. There is no universally correct answer, but rather one that resonates with your personal aspirations and ambitions.

  1. What is your advice to young people, from a young person's perspective, interested in working in the industry, but lack that final motivational push?

My advice is to go for it and see where it takes you. Exploring diverse career paths, particularly in the earlier days of your career, is invaluable. Not only does it help you understand your passions and long-term career goals, but it also fosters growth by exposing you to a variety of different environments. So, as the Nike slogan states, “just do it”. 

  1. What would you state as the main benefits working in the boating industry?

I think there are many benefits, but I personally value the openness of the people within the industry. I have consistently been impressed by the warmth and generosity of all those I have met at various events and boat shows. I think being part of such a supportive and friendly community holds great meaning, particularly when you are in your early stages of your career, like myself.

  1. What would you suggest to young business professionals, where to start networking?

As previously mentioned, there are numerous avenues to begin networking within the boating industry. You can start by engaging with individuals at boat shows, attending various networking events hosted at boat shows or organisations such as Misli More, or even by reaching out to people directly. From experience, people are very friendly and happy to engage so networking should not be hard!


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