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Exhibiting at boat shows can be a strategic decision for academic institutions and its members, varying from students to teachers. At Misli More we organized a meet up for students to get to know the industry better, this April, during Croatia Nautic Show. What does it have to do with advancing innovation and collaboration, give a read to our text below.

On Wednesday the 30th, Hiswa te Water boat show started in the Netherlands. Apart from being a boat show unique of its kind, the boat show’s participants include academia members.

One of the exhibitors is IVA Driebergen Business School, with nationally recognised MBO and HBO programme. The programme has two study areas: Automotive Business Management and Nautical Business Management. As mentioned on the study’s pages, students receive courses including economics, marketing, management, sales and technique. The study offers an unique connection to the job.


Additional benefits of academia collaborating with the boating industry include:

  • Networking Opportunities: Diverse professionals, including boat manufacturers, marine engineers, maritime industry experts and similar are visiting boat shows and having them as contacts, may widen the student’s pool of contacts. Consequently, new contacts bring new opportunities.

  • Showcasing Research: If academic members are pursuing research related to marine technology, environmental conservation, maritime law or any other aspect of the boating industry, boat shows may provide options to showcase that type of research.

  • Recruitment: As mentioned in the networking section, new contacts may consequently bring new recruitment options.

  • Educational Outreach: Boat shows may serve as an interactive venue for academia to showcase its courses, presentations, case studies and similar, while connecting to the industry to similar interests.

  • Technology Transfer: If academia has developed innovative technologies or solutions with potential applications in the marine industry, boat shows provide an opportunity to showcase these innovations to industry professionals who may be interested in licensing or collaboration.

  • Brand Visibility: Participating in boat shows can enhance an academic institution's brand visibility and awareness, through an innovative channel.

  • Market Research: Boat shows can offer academia insights into the latest trends, technologies and challenges in the boating industry. Latest trends can form future research projects and development.


To conclude, collaboration in this manner may contribute to advancing technological breakthroughs and innovation, but also tackle lack of manforce. We hope to see developments alike across the Eastern Adriatic region.


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