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In May this year we applied for the competition, the Incredible, started by the ACT Group and RBA. We got selected as finalists and although we didn't make it to the top five, just contributing was an extraordinary experience, alongside positive feedback and valuable contacts. The competition's team wrote on their blog a short story about us, so below we bring you the text written by Ana-Marija Topolčić.

25-year old entrepreneur from Pula, Ana Čalić, founded an interdisciplinary platform covering the topics from marine industry to blue economy. Misli More has an educational and promotional character and tends to unite younger generations and pioneers in the marine industry through sustainable development. Misli More educates young people through blog posts and social media about the marine industry and blue economy, innovation trends & opportunities for education and work. Academic institutions and companies can benefit from different marketing solutions, such as seminars or hands on materials. Within the scope of the platform, Croatia's first club of young people in the marine industry was founded.

Ana came to the idea of starting the business for two reasons.

“The first reason is because there are not many young people employed in the marine industry. I noticed that through my family's work, while I personally believe the industry is very approachable, offers different working positions and opportunities for challenges and growth, which is extremely important for young people. Additionally, I wanted to implement my interest for sustainable development in a new, undeveloped niche in Croatia, specifically within the scope of alternative propulsion and boatbuilding.”

She graduated upon the course of Science, Business & Innovation, track Energy & Sustainability, in Amsterdamu. Since graduating, she is working within the family business Navela. In November 2021. Misli More was founded. It is starting to work actively since January 2022.


“In work, I like to explore new opportunities and contacts, expressing creativity through marketing. In my free time I like to read, train, learn new languages and take walks with my dog Mocco.”

Misli More offers services of promotions through social media and blog posts. Additionally, there is an educative service in the form of seminars on topics of trends within the marine industry and sustainable development within the marine industry and blue economy.

“Our services are suitable for academic institutions and/ or companies doing business within the marine industry. For younger generations, we founded Croatia's first club for young people within the marine industry, whose registration is currently free of charge. The club will offer several networking events and other benefits. Currently, the biggest focus is on creating a community.”

The biggest challenge is to create engagement and boost interest. Today it is difficult to achieve that due to millions of different information available on a daily basis.


“As people in 2022, we are less focused and enjoy information in their short and compact format, such as video clips. What I like is the possibility to spread awareness on the enjoyment of working in the marine industry. Moreover, I can make an effort in the marine industry to aid developing a sustainable and innovative niche within Croatia, which would stop young people from emigrating.”

Ana Čalić thinks acting and education within society are important, because they are a prerequisite for growth and develpoment.

“Community is important to accept our idea and expand it in the future. Social entrepreneurship is often neglected, but I firmly believe that education leaves its mark and that people respect the goals of social entrepreneurship.”

For Ana it wasn't difficult to step into entrepreneurship, because she is aware it is important to have strong roots and a support system, from family to friends.

“I am a creative persons and I like to create, that is why I am prone to entrepreneurship. As a child I wanted to be a fashion designer, while as a bit older I wanted to develop my own skincare line. Every vision I had, since I was 6 years old up to now, included entrepreneurship in its various forms. When I got this chance to merge the industry my family's business operates in, with my passion for sustainability, my plans became clear”

The general plans for Misli More are to diversify the business and generally elevate it on a higher level.

“We are developing Croatia's first club within the marine industry slowly and with an approach which focuses on quality. At the same time, we are planning segmentation in respect to different interest groups. Additionally, we are planning periodical B2B and B2C networking events. This is what we will reveal so far, while the remaining news you can follow on our social media and website.”


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