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boot Düsseldorf

From the 21st to the 29th of January, Europe's largest in-door boat show took place, boot Düsseldorf. After a two year break due to the COVID pandemic, the show has returned joining industry leaders and presenting new trends. What we discovered and how our presentation on the show went by, discover in the text below.


A few boatbuilders and suppliers presented their strategies for sustainable development. X Shore, an already established player in the electric vessel production, presented itself on the show. They produce highly efficient vessels running on electric propulsion, while their portfolio is composed of two models, Eelex 8000 and X Shore 1. Alongside the benefits of alternative propulsion, the building materials used for the vessel's production allow easy maintenance. Discover more on the link.

Yanmar, the japanese inboard diesel engine manufacturer, presented its sustainability strategy. The strategy does not solely involve alternative propulsion, yet it is focused on the whole value chain. From presenting alternative propulsion options, to creating added value for the company's employees and end users, Yanmar's sustainability strategy truly involves all stakeholders and tends to minimize the carbon footprint in any step available.


In the scope of the love your ocean stage, we held a presentation on how employing youth in the boating industry boosts sustainable development goals. We focused on goal 5, goal 8 and goal 17, collaboration. This unique experience connected us with the international sustainability scene in boating and hereby we want to thank the German Ocean Foundation on the opportunity.

Last but not least, as the most important aspect of our visit to the show, we had the honour to meet Mr. Petros Michelidakis, boot Düsseldorf director, in the boot’s guest lounge and to represent the Croatian boating industry. Sharing visions on how sustainability should be implemented and where awareness needs to be raised, we are looking forward to future collaboration on sustainability initiatives in boating.


Our next stop is Zagreb Boat Show from the 22nd to the 26th of February. On Friday, the 24th, we will be hosting our signature Business Brunch at 10.30 a.m. Some of our Young Business Professionals will be joining and presenting their business, so don't miss it!

Contact us at for more information how to join our Young Business Professionals.


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