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Boot Düsseldorf, the Europe's largest indoor boat and water sports trade fair, is not only a hub for maritime enthusiasts but also a melting pot of diverse cultures and experiences. Amidst the breathtaking displays of cutting-edge watercraft and maritime technologies, a unique event took place - the International Breakfast Meeting. This gathering not only showcased the global reach of the boating industry but also pointed out to the importance of understanding business amidst generational transitions.

Setting the Scene

The International Breakfast Meeting at Boot Düsseldorf is an annual tradition that brings together professionals, enthusiasts, and industry leaders from different countries. Held against the backdrop of the Rhine River, the venue exuded an air of future trends as panelists shared their passion for the boating industry and family businesses.

Industry Insights and Trends

Beyond the cultural exchange, the International Breakfast Meeting featured discussions on the latest trends and innovations in the boating industry. Keynote speakers from different countries and different types of family businesses shared insights into emerging technologies, sustainable practices, new HR practices and the evolving landscape of the industry. The event provided a valuable opportunity for networking and potential cross-border cooperation.

Building Bridges

The International Breakfast Meeting at Boot Düsseldorf was not merely about business and boating; it was about building bridges between people from diverse backgrounds who share a common passion. The event exemplified the power of the boating community to connect individuals across borders, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration in an industry driven by a love for the open water. We hope to set the same atmosphere on Zagreb Boat Show on the 16th of February where you can join us for our Business Brunch. Email us for more information!


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