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Continuous education brings us several benefits, for both personal and private life segments. We believe that excelling in personal growth overflows to business growth too. In the text below find out how continuous education makes your daily life better.

By learning new skills and tackling challenges, we are building a competitive advantage for ourselves in our working environment. Every new skill is either linked to our existing knowledge or it helps expand onto new spheres. Through challenges which we face in today's business, it is important to be flexible and seize the opportunities where we can upgrade or fit in our knowledge.

Whole life learning may seem ambitious, but it is the ideal opportunity for us to grow in different fields with an unlimited time frame. By maturing and growing in work, we learn more about ourselves and we can pin point where we might need more support or education.

Additionally, while we expand and upgrade our current scope of knowledge, we create an opportunity to be more impactful. With more knowledge and wisdom we become more understanding and attentive. By being more understaing, we can better apply our knowledge on our surrounding. We can conclude how understanding and education are two concepts which are mutually reinforced.


For our Young Business Professionals we organize online and offline webinars on a monthly basis. We started with communication skills and through topics such as social media and maritime law, we came to interdisciplinarity. Our members are growing on a personal level, which consequently brings them excellence in business.

We launched two e-books for our members on the topics of youth employment in the boating industry and sustainability in boating, where we boost the interest and engagement in interdisciplinary topics.

If you are working in the boating industry or are planning to & are looking for a young, ambitious and proactive community, don't look any further. Send an email to Welcome young change leaders!


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