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Today marks the start from the 10th in a row Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.The event is an unique opportunity for students to meet key industry players. Find out in the text below more on the event.


The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is an international challenge open to the public, where students and professionals can race in three different classes: Energy, Solar and Open Sea Class. On the following link you can check out the timeline of the challenge.

The 2023 edition of the challenge will feature races, tech talks, a hydrogen round table, a sea lab and conference. According to the event’s website, 50+ units and 23 nations are expected in Monaco.

The conference named “Challenges, Engagement and Adoption” bears sustainability as the main driving force, covering key challenges that lie ahead in terms of sustainable development, while the hydrogen round table will be the hotspot for innovation and networking.

The roundtable will cover topics related to fuel cells, ammonia and methanol, but also scaling up opportunities and experiences from key industry players.


The event is not solely focused on the sustainability, it introduces the segment of youth employment too. In the 2019 version of the event, the Job Forum has been launched, presenting different opportunities for young people from internships to full time jobs. It is encouraging to see that there is a Europe-wide initiative to connect key industry players with young and prosperous talent.

Another novelty includes the Corporate Mentoring program, launched early 2023 to ever strengthen the bond between industry and academia.


The Association of Applied Technical Science is representing Croatia in two categories, solar and open sea class. The Association is active since 2018 and situated in Rijeka.

The Adria Hydrofoil is their main multi-year project. Adria Hydrofoil was the vessel with which the team members competed in the international competition of radio-controlled boats Hydrocontest and will be participating in the prestigious Monaco Energy Boat Challenge.


The challenge is brining together a productive mix of young people and industry leaders who all want to succeed in one thing, being innovative.

We are proud to see a Croatian project abroad as well and are looking forward to the end result.


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