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BlueGeneration International conference and Monaco Yacht Show

Last week we visited Palma de Mallorca within the scope of BlueGeneration International Conference and Monaco Yacht Show. Both events provided us with valuable insights and contacts. What was discussed on the conference and why it was important for young people in the marine industry, find out below.

The BlueGeneration International Conference took place in Palma de Mallorca's chamber of commerce and it was an important event within the scope of BlueGeneration's project. BlueGeneration project was developed and run by the company Sea Teach. Sea Teach is located in the Marina Cala d'Or on Palma de Mallorca and it is a recognized RYA training center for sailing and power boat. Alongside their standard courses, they offer VIP courses too. Silja Teege, Sea Teach director, set up an array of successful collaborations and projects through her work, recognized by EU funds and EEA & Norway Grants.

BlueGeneration project was also funded EEA and Norway Grants for Youth Employment, since it promotes and educates on youth empoyment within the blue economy with a highlight on nautical tourism, aquaculture, ocean energy, marine biotechnology, shipbuilding, maritime transport and fisheries. Within the scope of the conference, the project's milestones were presented. Additionally, two panel speakers were the success stories of the project, two young people who found their spot within the industry with the help of Sea Teach education.

On the conference we learned how by 2030 the amount of jobs within the blue economy is going to double. Miss Nora Mehsen from EEA and Norway Grants mentioned how “not unlocking the potential of our youth is a losing game.” The first panel discussion joined relevant stakeholders from the EU's blue economy and gave insights for the requirements on blue economy and the hurdles due to the lack of manforce. The second panel discussion gave an overview how the pandemic affected the youth's schooling and employment and where can the blue economy assist in those issues. Mrs Nicola Bridges, from EMSEA BlueSchools, mentioned how there is a lack of ocean topics within schools too and how teachers are not sufficiently educated on the topic either. At the end, we received career guides and brochures about employment within the marine industry. Once again thanks to the organizers for the amazing conference and we are looking forward to receive further inputs on the BlueGeneration project.

Monaco Yacht Show blew us away with its Sustainability Hub. The hub was full of young people, who started their sustainability ideas from scratch, while their projects are today way past the project phase and within the commercialization phase. The HYNOVA company had a premier of the whole ecosystem. Alongside vessels running on hydrogen, the company invented a whole system regarding the charging stations and hydrogen generation.

Water Revolution Foundation was a great supporter of the whole hub, contributing to the sustainability of super yachts with their projects and service. UOCEAN contributes actively towards reducing plastic waste and contamination through their projects. Alongside the aforementioned, many other start ups presented their ideas which are already making a strong impact on the industry. We are hoping to see such a buzz within Croatia's marine industry soon, too.


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