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Last weekend we visited the boat show in Venice, Salone Nautico di Venezia (SNV). The event took place from the 28th of May to the 5th of June at the attractive location at Venice's Arsenale. According to the show's Green Mission, SNV focuses on waste collection, waste recycling, organizing transport & raw materials and equal working positions. By following the sustainable management guidelines, SNV included in their portfolio electric vessel manufacturers, electric motors manufacturers, fast chargers of electric vessels and a pavillion presenting sustainability projects. Additionally, part of the materials used in the show's organization is given to a re-manufacturer upon the show's end to be recycled into new products.

Read more about the sustainability projects in the text below.

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The first fully recyclable foiler

Foilers, as vessel types, are the bearers of innovation nowadays. The example on the picture will be the first foiler in the world, whose manufacturing process is completely circular. The mold will be developed with the help of Breton Spa's 3D printer, allowing for easier recycle-ability of the mold.

The hull is made out of thermoplastic materials. Thermoplastic materials are not as resistant to high temperatures, so they can be modeled easily. By cooling down, the materials solidify. The temperatures applicable for modeling start from 120 degrees Celsius for polyethylene to 345 degrees Celsius for PEEK, poly-ether-ether-ketone, as a high performance material.

The sails are developed by the company Onesails, using the 4T Forte technology whose structure is made out of STR Solid Stripes fibres. Read more about it on the manufacturers site.


ProEco60 is a project developed in collaboration with the Croatian company Marservis from Kaštelir. The project won 4th place on the Muve Yacht Projects. It's application is for transport and observation in lagoons during warmer periods of the year.

The vessel will be powered by batteries, while the speed should be 9 knots with a 8 hour range. What makes this project specific is that during summer months, it is not intended for the vessel to use shore power. The autonomy is planned to be achieved by using solar panels.

The project will tend to use different sustainable materials for both interier and exterier, alongside using LED lights instead of conventional options.


CH2ANGE is a passenger vessel project running on hydrogen. The design and concept is inspired by water, as a great source of hydrogen, but also the medium where the vessel operates.


Venice's boat show has a specific charm regarding its location and overall organization. However, its big contributor is the highlighting and promotion of sustainability in the marine industry. The MUVE award is motivating and pushing sustainable manufacturers of vessels and components to apply with their concepts and models. The application is free and both individuals and groups can apply. SNV unites the past and the future, with a highlight on sustainable development. We hope to see more similar initiatives on boat shows in Croatia as well.


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