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Summer has almost started and many young people are searching for internships. Some are seeking a job within their educational field, while others rely on the well-founded options in hospitality. A summer job does not have to be boring and physically exhausting. It can be a source of new knowledge and experience. Moreover, it can be a great starting point for a full-time career, or an addition to your CV. The marine industry offers an array of possibilities for summer jobs, while we are bringing you the most popular ones in the text below!


Young people can work in charter on an array of positions. The standard option is working as a sailor in a base. Additionally, working in charter booking or at their reception offers possibilities for administration and finance work. With international guests, young people can exercise their language skills, but also develop significant contacts. Charter is active throughout the whole year and employment after internship is a common practice.


Water sports are mostly alive during summer. Usually those include renting jet ski’s, stand up paddles, kayak’s and other options for fun on water. Working in a rental center or doing kayak tours is an excellent way to have an active workday close by the sea, while being connected to the marine industry!


Professional internships in the marine industry mostly employ young mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, boat builders and/or related technical positions. Technical companies, production and/or engine distribution companies and boat building companies in Croatia and the world are actively seeking for ambitious members. Often, they provide full time work places after the internship.

As we mentioned in the beginning, there is an array of non-standard options for summer internships or summer jobs. If you wish to contact someone, but you lack a bit of help or inspiration for work, contact us via our email form or social media!


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