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Getting into the work field presents a challenge for today’s youth. Sometimes, the expectations of students differ from reality, while on other instances the demand for a certain job is not as high. Similar situations may be discouraging, but it is important to be consistent and to have contacts.


The work market is suffering unseen fluctuations at the time of writing this blog post. In the heap of the pandemic, work spots were the source of uncertainty. While employees needed a safe income stream in a crisis with no end in sight, employers had to reduce their staff due to decreased workload. Some industries performed better than others. Restrictions limited work on site, while digitalization was the facilitator of new trends.

All the above mentioned affected the work market and created uneven circumstances in demand and supply. Certain expertise started being more valued and the wage range increased for them, while for other wages remained the same or even decreased.


In the marine industry there was and still is an increased demand for mechanical end electrical engineers and charter workers, from sailors to receptionists. The demand for engineers comes from different company profiles. The increased number of charter companies consequently resulted in increased worker demand. Significant impact was made in the blue economy by companies who developed IT solutions, especially in the field of sensors, remote monitoring and control.

Judging by unexpected world crises, it is indeed possible to find ourselves in a situation where our expertise is not as sought anymore, or at least we perceive it that way. In those cases, the standard solution is to move abroad or find a job outside our industry. However, these solutions are often not comfortable and result in dissatisfaction, while you may need only one contact to point you to the right address.


Contacts are of extreme importance when it comes to job searching. It is also important to have a supportive community. That is why, within Misli More, we developed the first club of young people in the marine industry. The club is suitable for students who wish to work within the marine industry or blue economy after high school/ college and people who already work. Of course, people who are simply interested are welcome to join as well. Within the club, networking events are organized where you have the opportunity to meet leaders in the marine industry who may open your doors or you meet your future colleagues with whom you develop an innovative product or service.

The application is free and you can apply by filling out the form below:

The Misli More team is waiting for you!


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