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Travel diaries from the Eastern Adriatic and its hidden gems.



Unije are a small island located on the north of the Adriatic sea. Unije's main port of the same name are almost on a daily basis connected with a ferry on Pula-Zadar relation. The port has only one restaurant and grocery store, with a few apartment accommodations. When you step into the small town, you are suddenly hit by a sense of calmness. The local folk is friendly and will gladly give you sightseeing/ beach tips.


Walking upwards from the town's exit, you will reach a small chapel from where you'll see a magnificent view to the port of Unije on one side and the bay Maračol on the other side. Following the shore on the southwestern part of the island you will notice a white lighthouse. You can reach the lighthouse by walking on the shore which will take you approximately one hour. There is a pathway in the middle of the island, but it is not recommended to go without supervision due to domestic animals being free there.


Unije are a specific island, attracting both tourist and locals with its nature sights, pathways and beaches. You don't need any particular content on this kind of island. You create the content by yourself while walking on the beach or looking at the local house's facades.

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The island of Šolta is located west form the island of Brača, in the middle Eastern Adriatic. 

The island Šolta has 8 town and a few specific touristic spots. Behind the Šešula bay, the town of Maslinica is located, known for its marina, gastronomic venues and a beautiful castle from the Alberti family from 1708. The castle has been renovated to a hotel.

Apart from Maslinica, the town of Rogač is interesting as the island's main port. The most famous bay is Nečujam bay, alongside Stracinska bay, Sajtija bay, Tatinja bay and many more which are conserving the beauty of Šolta island, as one of the not-to-miss places if you are in the Split archipelago.


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