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Two weeks ago we visited Cannes Yachting Festival in France. Cannes Yachting Festival is one of the biggest and most influential boat shows in Europe. It presents an ouverture to the next boating season and boating trends. Last year the show had 575 exhibitors, 620 vessels, 141 world premiers and over 54 thousand visitors. In the previous years, the show started to recognize and present various efforts of implementing sustainability within the marine industry. In a specific section of the show, you can find innovative marine projects and start ups. Alongside the start ups, even conventional shipyards started implementing sustainable practices. Find out more in the text below.


The first project of interest is SeaBubbles, an innovative passenger transport vesssel, whose propulsion system is a hydrogen-electric hybrid. SeaBubbles is a french start up rooted in the sustainable mobility sector. Their press kit reveals how the vessel tends to preserve the natural ecosystem. Passengers will be able to enjoy the hybrid experience between flying and boating. The system is stable and designed so it withstands forces encountered while boating. SeaBubbles flies 60 cm above the sea.

It is important how SeaBubbles is a zero impact vessel and it can be charged in four minutes. The autonomy of the vessel is 2 hours and 30 minutes. The project embodies a simple and safe, yet eco-friendly solution for passenger transport.


TEMO is a French solution of an electric outboard engine. The system is compact and weighs 5 kilogrammes, while its telescopic handle allows stretching from 130 to 170 centimetres. With engine power of 450 W, this innovative engine is suitable for vessels up to 3 m of length and 3 passengers. Its autonomy is 80 minutes.

We definitely see this product as an excellent substitute for conventional petrol outboard engines, who are not eco-friendly and with their noise disturb the peace at any bay.


IzySea is an application that allows important information sharing between boaters. Via the application one can retrieve real life data about certain location, reserve marinas, reserve day and night application to partner ports and much more. The IzySea team states that the app is the marina of the future. As any contemporary solution, the app has an array of business intelligence data for the end user.

Since we strongly support digitalization within the marine industry, we think the IzySea initiative is a great approach to the online version of marine.

We met up with Hy-Plug founder, Camille Lopez, whose interview we brought to you in our blog post at the beginning of the year


It would be difficult to seize the impact of three days within one blog post, but we believe to have presented the highlights. You can also follow additional information via our Instagram stories. Stay tuned for the next post!


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