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Today we are bringing to you a post about Croatia's first club for young people in the marine industry. Alongside different initiatives developed within Europe and the world, we started a similar initiative for Croatia and the neighboring region. Within our club we join young people who work in the marine industry, the ones which want to work within the marine industry and the ones who are highly interested in the marine industry and club's work. We are looking forward to attract new members. Find out below how you can sign up and why are the clubs activities important.

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You can sign up by filling the form on the link.

The form leads you to newsletter subscription, which will keep you updated on news and event dates. It will be used periodically and not as spam, simply to let our members know the most important information.

By members who work within the marine industry we mean everyone employed in marinas, charter companies, boat builders, distributor and dealer companies for marine engines, equipment and navigation systems, alongside naval architects. Additionally, we invite to join all members of the blue economy, from companies developing IoT apps and AI solutions for the marine industry to aquaculture stakeholders.

Within the club we seek to form new contacts and friendships, initiatives which would improve the sustainability of Croatia's marine sector, business collaborations and much more! Primarily we want to form a comfortable and safe atmosphere for young stakeholders of the marine industry which struggle to find a community. Additionally, we want to form an information-rich community, set up for mutual growth and development.

We are planning networking events and educations, but already within the initial phase we are open to suggestions from our members and collaboration!

Why is the initiative important?

As we mentioned on our home page, the marine industry and nautical tourism of Croatia are still not the main backbone of Croatia's economy. Despite that fact, they have a big potential and opportunity for development. Development can't be achieved without fresh ideas, innovation and collaboration. These ideas might be hidden in our existing and future members. By creating a proactive community which loves the sea, we develop an ideal environment to seek out sustainability opportunities. Croatia's coast and sea are beautiful and we have to protect it.

We can conclude in a few words that the club is important to develop a fresh economy stream lead by the young and sustainability.


We can't fully share our vision through a blog post, but you can always contact us for more information. We warmly invite you to our club if you are interested. In the meantime, feel free to check out our blog site for more information on the topics we cover.


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