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In our blog posts and through social media we highlight how important our sea is. For different professions, the sea is the main source of income and that is why we are highlighting the importance of keeping it clean. As a country with a beautiful coastline and numerous islands, our inhabitants live by the sea and from the sea. However, ecological and economical aspects are not the only ones which should be taken into account. Safety at sea is often put second.


Media often does not broadcast how safety at sea is compromised during the boating season. Safety at sea may be compromised if the person does not have a valid license. Additionally, the license may be retrieved in an environment where boating differs from the boating in the Mediterranean. The person driving the vessel may be less acquainted with Croatia’s laws as well.

Alongside compromised safety on board, dangerous situations include potential crashes, strandings or injuries occurring when vessels crash with people canoeing or similar. Unfortunately, there is a rise in these types of situations, while there is not enough information on how to stay safe. To protect yourself from the situations where we can be the cause, it is good to educate oneself on boating safety and legal regulations. How to protect yourself from the situations where you can be the victim? Read in the text below.

Source: Wix

Nowadays, you can find different types of insurance, from additional health insurance to pet insurance. In the same tone, you can acquire boating insurance. One can ensure a personal vessel or vessel which is being used for commercial purposes, such as charter. There is no limit on the size, because larger vessels such as super yachts and cargo ships can be insured as well. Sometimes, having insurance goes past by mere documentation and entails having a partner who will help you with registration and other legislative formalities.

Advice and services within Croatia can be found in the Croatian branch of Yacht Pool International. On their website discover packages which help you enjoy the sea, because enjoying it means being safe too.


If you decide any of the packages are a fit for your vessel and lifestyle, make sure to reference Misli More's blog post.


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