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Last week we visited Dubai Expo 2020 and we were surprised with the degree of innovation, but also different sustainability initiatives. Dubai Expo 2020 has a global character and was initially scheduled for October 2020, but had to be postponed for October 2021 until end March 2022. Expo proposes „connecting minds and creating the future“ through sustainability. Except from country's pavilions, the expo has dedicated Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity pavilions.

dubai expo 2020 misli more

This week we bring you a few examples from the Expo, but also their application in marine!


In the Mobility segment we visited Oman pavilion and saw an innovative system of independent fish feeders for aquaculture. The feeder is physically independent from the accompanying vessel, while the fish waste is being recycled into cat feed.

dubai expo misli more

Croatia is highly developed in the aquaculture sector and we see similar applications on our coast in a few years too.


Terra is the term for the central sustainability pavilion at the expo. We filtered a few examples and we bring them to you in the below text.

dubai expo 2020 misli more

On the scheme you can see a solution for vertical and in-house gardening, which minimizes the effect of food transport and reduces waste. Private and public infrastructure can benefit from community gardens and provide for their local communities. We see such a solution for office infrastructure of the nautical industry, merging the blue and the green!

Circular economy can be transferred to everyday life. The image below shows a practice in Surabaya, Indonesia's second biggest city where its inhabitants can switch their plastic waste for bus fares. This is an excellent practice for minimizing food waste. Do we see something similar for ferry transport in Croatia as a sustainability measure for the marine industry (nautical tourism)?

Best practice

New Zealand presented in its pavilion an initiative developed in 2017, where its river Whanganui has been recognized as a legal person with full rights. This process contributed to the preservation of natural resources. It would be interesting to employ a similar practice to the Adriatic Sea.


We hope our post about Dubai Expo intrigued you and that the practices applicable to Croatia sparked some interest.

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